Foods High in Fibre

Foods high in fibre are a necessary part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. There are essentially two different types of fibre, being water soluble and water insoluble. The fibre which dissolves may pass through the body with relatively little effort, whereas the fibre which does not dissolve can really only exit the body in one way. This is the key to keep your digestive tract working properly and stopping a dangerous buildup of partially digested food and the waste associated with it from occurring in your colon. The value of fibre is clear, but which foods pack the most?

foods high in fibre

Introducing the Power of Celery

One of the best, classic solutions when someone’s diet is lacking enough fibre is the introduction of celery. Celery is already great for health nuts as it literally takes more calories to chew than a stick of celery contains, but this crunchy, green vegetable has other benefits as well. Most of celery is fibre, which is why the stuff is so low in calories. This fiber is a mixture of both water soluble and water insoluble and celery really is one of the best foods you can eat for any fibre deficiencies. It’s cheap and plentiful so give it a try.

Foods High in Fibre

Enjoying the Benefits of a Well-Balanced Diet

Some people have allergies to celery and the plant’s seeds are also famous diuretics so it is no surprise celery can put people into uncomfortable positions. Whole grains of any kind are another great source of fibre since the bran coating each grain is packed with fibre and energy. Whole oats, wheat, rice and other grains all contain more fibre than their bleached or shaved counterparts. Any of them will make a great addition to your diet and as far as foods high in fibre go, you really couldn’t do too much better. Still, whole grains aren’t for everyone.

Foods High in Fibre balanced diet

Battling the Allergies Effectively

Again, allergies are the bane of people looking to diet and get an effective diet plan going. Wheat gluten is a very popular problem these days and the fact is, some people’s stomachs just can’t process whole grain. If you’re one of those people then adding whole grain to your diet isn’t really viable, so you need to look at other foods high in fibre. Fresh fruit is always good, especially stuff with edible skin such as apples, pears and grapes. Maybe the best fruit for fibre content is actually the orange though; all that white pulpy stuff is a goldmine.

Now that you know three good ways to get more fibre into your diet, it’s up to you to make that change in your own lifestyle. Remember that juices are very often poor substitutes for fresh fruits and vegetables as they are liquids from which most if not all of the pulp has been stripped. The vitamin and mineral content might still be present, but if you’re looking for fibre, you won’t be getting it from the majority of juices on the market. You might be able to add foods high in fibre without making any big changes too.

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